Electronic Unit consists of a Solar Photo Voltaic Module, Energizer, Fence Voltage Alarm (FVA), Battery and Charge Control Unit (CCU). The Solar Photovoltaic Module in the Electronic Unit converts the sunshine into electrical energy and charges the Battery through CCU. The Energizer through the CCU takes 12V supply as input and energizes the same into 7000 to 9900 volt pulses. These pulses will travel through the Fence wires at regular interval of around 1 pulse per 1.2 second with the duration of each pulse of about 3 mille seconds. Animal which comes in contact with the solar fence while trying to enter the field receives a painful but safe shock. VIMOX Solar Fencing is not only a physical barrier but also a psychological barrier preventing animal intrusion. Wiptech manufactures, supplies, installs and services systems in its entirety including energizers, spares, wires, insulators, fences posts, tools and accessories. All components are fully tested and meet national and international standards.

We are approved by MNRE

Agriculture Fence:

This system shall meet the requirement of customer who wishes to protect his crops from domestic animals. The System is suitable for Farms, Aquaculture and Horticulture etc.

Animal Fence:

VIRAAT SOLAR has specially designed Systems to ward-off wild animals like Elephants, Bears, Wild Boars etc, to protect villagers residing beside forest.


  Highest Power – Highest Capacity,

  Highest Safety, Reasonable Price,

  No damage if Fencing Wire is Broken,

  Low Battery Autocut syste

  Day-Night automatic System

  Agriculture fencing

  Wildlife containment

  Industrial security

  Land Security

  Individual & group houses


  Land security and reduces the crop demage

 Works 24/7

  Very Low Maintainance


  Cost Effective