People are moving away from agriculture due to lack of Facility and empowerment. We want the more and more of the present generation to take up agriculture as a Profession. That’s where we started. “VIRAAT SOLAR” Our goal is to provide farmers with product and services through a convenient platform and have positive impacts on their lives mainly educating farmers on solar water pumps. “VIRAAT SOLAR is committed to transforming lives through innovation. Our solar water pumps empower farmers to grow cash crops that require predictable irrigation and enable them to utilise land that they previously could not irrigate. Solar energy is a clean alternative energy source. Its clear, given the current energy crisis, that we need to embrace new sources of renewable energy that are good for our planet. We believe very strongly in using most advance technology to provide affordable options to all consumers. We are ready to meet challenging goals by engaging the best talent and passion of people who believe there is always a better way in the growth of our customers. “VIRAAT SOLAR” products are trusted and loved everywhere in the country for its quality. That is a result of the combined strength of our development, production, sales and servicing operations which are based on. “CUSTOMER FIRST” principle. Renewable energy is the current and future need of our world. Solar PV water pumping systems can be more environments friendly and economical in its operation compared to pumps powered by diesel engines / generators and it also replaces the conventional hand pumps.

We are approved by MNRE

Solar irrigation system

Irrigation technique development is essential for agriculture development. However, during drought and remote regions, water sources are scarce, and electricity transmission is inconvenient, agriculture development is extremely slow and food security cannot be guaranteed.

Advantage of solar irrigation system

The solar irrigation system utilizes the solar radiation energy to produce electricity power,which drives the pump directly, pumps the water from underground or river and conveys it to the farmland. To complement with facilities of flood irrigation, canal irrigation, spray irrigation or drip irrigation, the system can meet different irrigation requirements. It is more reliable than wind power system, and it reduces the cost of grid power transmission. Compared to the diesel powered ones, it is more environment-friendly and consumes much less operation cost. The advanced technology of solar irrigation system prevent drought efficiently and guarantee sustainable agriculture development.

Irrigate land without power infrastructure or diesel

Using solar water pumps you can irrigate land without the need to consider installing power lines or needing to worry about availability or quality of power to the fields. Any irrigation method is copatible with solar water pumping with the right system design. If you are currently using diesel or gas to power your pumps then you are almost guaranteed to get a fast return on investment by moving to a solar pump. A solar water pumping system requires no fuel filling, engine servicing and has no ongoing operating costs

Irrigational Pumping Solutions

If you have site that would benefit from irrigation but have no power a solar pumping system could save you the investment in running power plus the time it takes the power company to fulfill your needs.

Solar Pumping Solutions

Our commitment for environment has led us to develop an entirely new range of pump sets suitable for solar powered pumping. The variation in the power developed depending on the radiation intensity is well considered. The pumps are developed to maintain the required pressure even during the times of low radiation. We as a company have teamed up with companies sharing our vision for quality in bringing out total solar powered pumping solutions from suite verification, panel solution, drive solution, installation of the complete unit. Solar radiation to water output the concept. Our systems are tested and approved by MNRE’S National Institute of Solar Energy testing centre. VIRAAT SOLAR offers Solar Water Pumps staring from 1 HP to 10 HP capacities. We are empanelled with MNRE & NABARD / TEDA / MSME to Promote Solar Water Pumping Program where NABARD is providing subsidy & loan to the customers.